Hertwig Porcelain Doll Head Arms Booted Feet Glazed Cotton Dress 1890s

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German Hertwig Glazed China Porcelain Doll, Molded Black Hair, Bunches Of Curls Parted In The Centre, Hand Painted Face, Low Brow, Rosy Cheeks and Pouty Lips, Head, Shoulders, Arms and Booted Feet Glazed Porcelain, Printed Floral Cotton Dress, 1890's.


A China Doll Is a Doll Made Partially Or Wholly Out Of Glazed Porcelain. The Name Comes From China Being Used To Refer To The Material, Porcelain. Colloquially The Term China Doll Is Used To Refer Only To Glazed Porcelain Dolls.

Hertwig & Company, Founded By Christoph Hertwig, Johann and Benjamin Beyermann, Produced Porcelain and Earthenware Objects In Their Factory In Katzhütte, Thuringen, Germany From 1864 To 1941.  The First Mention Of Doll Head Production was In 1884. Hertwig Purchased The Marienfeld Porzellanfabrik In 1903. 

Item Code - TOY1D354RAH

Width: 10"  Height: 17"  Depth: 3 1/2"  Weight: 504 g

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