Gossen Super Pilot CDS Precision Exposure Meter, Made In West Germany.

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Gossen Super Pilot CDS Precision Exposure Meter, Leather Carrying Case, Made In West Germany, Comes with Operating Instructions.


The Gossen Super Pilot CDS Precision Exposure Meter is a classic light meter designed for photographers seeking accurate exposure measurements. The Super Pilot is a reflective + incident light meter. This means it can measure both reflected light (from the subject) and incident light (falling on the subject) for precise exposure calculations. It features a CdS (Cadmium Sulfide) sensor, which responds to changes in light conditions promptly.

Remember, this vintage light meter has its charm and quirks. While modern digital cameras often have built-in light meters, the Gossen Super Pilot remains a beloved tool for film photographers and collectors alike.

If you’re lucky enough to own one, cherish its analog character and enjoy capturing moments with precision!

Item Code - ELE8C56114HWA

Width: 2 7/8''  Height: 4''  Depth: 1 5/8''  Weight: 214 g

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