Hawaiian Polynesian Tiki Tongue Mask Hand Carved Decorative Wall Mask

  • $449.99 CAD

Hawaiian Polynesian Tiki Tongue Mask, Hand Carved, Detailed Decorative Wall Mask, Above Head Dress a Place For a Candle. 


Tiki masks have obviously been in existence for thousands of years, but they only achieved popularity in the west in the 1930s and 1940s.

Many savvy entrepreneurs of the time used them to decorate their bars and restaurants to lend them a South Pacific, Polynesian décor, while many sailors returning from the war in the Pacific brought home tiki masks as souvenirs.

The fad really took off after that and hasn’t really slowed down since.

They have become a truly iconic part of many homes, restaurant and hotel décor plans, and their image is virtually synonymous with the South Pacific.

If you thought your tiki masks didn’t have a story you were wrong.

These beautiful, often funny, often strange masks all represent a unique part of Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures and traditions that are still very much alive in the islands today!

Item Code - WOO6E661LAW

Width: 11 1/8"  Height: 19 1/4"  Depth: 5"  Weight: 3.175 kg

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