Mali West Africa, Hand Carved Granary Door Made By The Dogon People.

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Mali West Africa, Hand Carved Granary Door Made By The Dogon People, I just Love The Simplistic Geometric Line Carving. 


The Dogon an ethnic group are mainly located in the administrative districts of Bandiagara and Douentza in Mali, West Africa. The precise origins of the Dogon people, like those of many other ancient cultures, are not yet determined. Their civilization emerged, in much the same way as ancient Egypt. Around 1490 AD the Dogon people migrated to the Bandiagara cliffs of central Mali. There are approximately 700 Dogon villages, with an average of 400 inhabitants. The tribe’s folk call themselves ‘Dogon’ or ‘Dogom’, but in the older literature they are most often called ‘Habe’, a Fulbe meaning ‘stranger’.

The Dogon are justifiably famous for their doors. Whether complex or plain, figurative or abstract, solid or weathered by the elements and use. Dogon doors are basically carved doorways and are a significant part of ancient West African life. The doors were initially designed to show the social standing of the household. For the Agrarian societies of West Africa, granary doors are an especially important representation of the wealth and prosperity of the farmer. Dogon people of Mali have created an art form in their granary doors. This amazing door would be fabulous in your home.

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Width: 14 1/2"  Height: 27"  Depth: 2"  Weight: 2.896 kg

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