Nautical Chrome 15" Telescope, Adjustable Stand, 10X Magnification.

  • $89.99 CAD

Nautical Chrome 15" Leather Telescope, Adjustable Stand, 10X Magnification.


The Nautical Chrome 15" Leather Telescope On Stand, Is a True Nautical Gem That Is Both Fully Functional and Beautifully Decorative, adding a Warm Seafaring Shine To any Room. The Stand Has an Adjustable Knob To Change and Hold a Specific Direction. Focusing Is Accomplished By Adjusting The Eyepiece Ring On The Telescope Tube, with Up To 10X Magnification, and a Solid Chrome Cap Is Included To Protect The Lens when Not In Use. The Chrome Tripod Stand Features Smooth, Polished Round Legs, Each with Solid Chrome Fittings and a Screw.

Item Code - ELE9E166021S

Width: 9 5/8"  [Extended]  8 3/4"  [Retracted]  Height: 15 3/4"  [Extended]  Depth: 4 5/8"  Weight: 613 g

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