Older Asian Man, Hand Carved, Holding Up a Carrying Basket Of Sticks.

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Older Asian Man, Hand Carved, Holding Up a Carrying Basket Of Sticks.


Aquaculture has a tradition of about 4 000 years. It began in China, possibly due to the desires of an emperor to have a constant supply of fish. It is speculated that the techniques for keeping fish in ponds originated in China with fishermen who kept their surplus catch alive temporarily in baskets submerged in rivers or small bodies of water created by damming one side of a river bed. Another possibility is that aquaculture developed from ancient practices for trapping fish, with the operations steadily improving from trapping-holding to trapping-holding-growing, and finally into complete husbandry practices.

Chinese who emigrated to other Southeast Asian countries probably carried the knowledge with them and inspired the local people to take up fish farming. Brackishwater aquaculture is thought to have originated in Indonesia with the culture of milkfish and grey mullet and must have spread to neighbouring countries like the Philippines which has been practising it for about 300 to 400 years.

The husbandry of fish is therefore not a new phenomenon. Ancient practices based on the modifications of natural bodies of water or wetlands to entrap young fish in enclosures until harvest has just evolved into more systematic and scientific methods and techniques.

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Width: 2 1/4"  Height: 8 1/8"  Depth: 2"  Weight: 166 g

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