Pendant, Hetian Jade, Hand Carved, Dragons & Phoenix.

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Pendant, Hetian Jade, Hand Carved, arched Top, Two Dragons Facing Each Other, Bottom, Rectangular Large Image Of a Dragons Face, Opposite Sides Of Bottom Rectangular Image, Two Smaller Phoenix.


Since The Dragon and The Phoenix usually serve as auspicious symbols, any reported sightings of a Dragon Or Phoenix were considered extremely auspicious, heralding a glorious period of Peace and Prosperity For The People and The Country. This is reflected in The Chinese saying: "When The Dragon Soars and The Phoenix Dances, The People will Enjoy Happiness For Years, Bringing Peace and Tranquillity To all Under The Heaven." 

The Dragon and The Phoenix were often used as metaphors in Ancient China for the gentleman and the sage. For example, Confucius reportedly compared Lao-Tzu to a Dragon, both reserved yet elusive spirits capable of freely transcending the boundaries of heaven and earth. Lao-Tzu is also said to have compared the wisdom and grace of Confucius to the lofty virtues associated with The Phoenix, both took benevolence as the ultimate virtue in treating others. Consequently, we know from ancient texts and artifacts that the Dragon and The Phoenix were auspicious animals as early as the Neolithic Age In China. Highly revered and appreciated, images of Dragons and Phoenixes found their way onto ceremonial Jade Ornaments and were Carved, Painted, Or seen Onto Objects Of Everyday Use.

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Width: 3"  Height: 2 1/2"  Depth: 1/4"  Weight: 61 g

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