Pixiu Creature, Hand Carved Jade, Chinese.

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Pixiu Creature, Hand Carved Jade, Chinese.


In ancient China, There Were Two Creatures Named Tianlu and Bixie. The Latter Has One Horn While The Former Has Two.

The Pixiu is a legendary creature, believed to be the ninth son of the dragon. It resembles a winged lion with horns and a curled tail. Likened to that of an inspector in heaven, it has the ability to avert evil forces, epidemics and illnesses from harming people.

The Pixiu is thus believed by the Chinese to be an auspicious creature capable of exorcising evil forces.

It is also said that the Pixiu likes to eat gold and silver despite the fact that it does not have an excretory system. this means that nothing will be discharged from its body no matter how much the Pixiu eats. For this reason, the Chinese believe that the creature can bring in wealth and the Pixiu is usually placed in homes or workplaces.

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Width: 11"  Height: 7 3/8"  Depth: 3 5/8"  Weight: 2.722 kg

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