Plume and Atwood Opaque White Glass Kerosene Lamp, The Late 1800s.

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Plume and Atwood Opaque White Glass Kerosene Lamp, Font Circular Mould-Blown, Pear Shaped Mould-Blown Chimney, Highly Embossed, Hand Painted, The Late 1800s.


Plume & Atwood produced a full line of lamps and lamp trimmings. Their lamp lines included ROYAL, PLUMWOOD and NAUGATUCK in table, bracket and hanging versions. They made gas burners, shade ring of all descriptions, filler caps, and just about any brass lamp part you could mention. Their burners included BANNER, a high-quality DUPLEX, the MOEHRING and HARVARD burners often associated with finer student lamps, the HORNET, NUTMEG and ACORN burners often found on night lamps, and scores more.

Item Code - CAN9B92A1REA

Width: 3 1/2"  Height: 9 3/8"  Depth: 3 1/2"  Weight: 412 g

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