Replica Of Aermotors Famous Windmill, Train Set Accessory, Stands 15".

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Replica Of Aermotors Famous Windmill Used To "Water The West," Which Was Vital To Farm Operations, The Top Actually Turns, Train Set Accessory, Stands 15". 


Toy trains were initially educational toys and, as far as play value was concerned, were the computer games of the age. The parallel between toy trains, where the operator builds and controls their imaginary world with accessories, and computer games is well documented. Toy trains were the latest technology of their day. Children were excited and anxious to get the next best thing, and, often, their parents wanted to get them so that they, themselves, could play.

Item Code - TOY7A3442JDA

Width: 9 5/8"  Height: 15"  Depth: 4 7/8"  Weight: 323 g 

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