Roka Che-Cri Cheese Crispies Tin, The Original Cheese Biscuits Holland

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Roka Che-Cri Cheese Crispies Tin, The Original Cheese Biscuits, Product Of Holland.




The company ROKA was founded in 1949 in Delft (the Netherlands) by Jo Roodenrijs. The name ROKA comes from his family name ROodenrijs and KAastabletten (which means cheese crispies). Mr Roodenrijs was the real creator of the unique Cheese Crispies. He always strived to deliver the best quality to his customers. KLM Airlines and the Holland America Line were some of his most famous customers.


The sales of these supreme delicate Cheese Crispies was so popular that the factory in Delft became too small. In 1984 the Roodenrijs family decided to move 140 km north to Emmeloord, a new town in a polder, land reclaimed from the IJsselmeer which was part of the sea before this. Here in Emmeloord, they built a completely new factory.


In 2002 the company was sold to Wim Bontje, who already had had a very successful career in the cheese industry. Wim invested a lot in the ‘state of the art’ new production lines respecting the original recipes and production process.


In 2016 the company was acquired by Peter Destrooper and Wim Van Roy, who both had a long and fruitful career in the biscuit industry before this.

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Width: 6 1/4"  Height: 2 5/8"  Depth: 4 1/8"  Weight: 154 g

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