Smith Brothers Cough Drops Tin S.B Stamped On Each Cough Drop 10 cents

  • $14.99 CAD

Smith Brothers Cough Drops Tin, S.B Stamped On Each Cough Drop, Price 10 Cents.

All persons, troubled with a cough, colds, hoarseness sore throat & will find immediate relief by using these drops. Public speakers, singers & are invited to try them. One of these drops put in the mouth before going to bed loosens the phlegm and causes the patient to enjoy a comfortable nights sleep. 


James Smith bought a cough drop recipe from a journeyman peddler named Sly Hawkins and in 1852 made his first batch of "Smith Brothers Cough Drops". William and Andrew took over the business after their father died in 1866.

Item Code - TIN6A1837MC

Width: 4 1/4"  Height: 2 7/8"  Depth: 4 1/4"  Weight: 89 g

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