South Asian Wall Panel Hand Carved, Polychromed, Mudhol Hound & Bird.

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South Asian, India, Relief Wall Panel Hand Carved, Polychromed, Mudhol Hound Chasing a Bird.


The Mudhol Hound has multiple names and it is called so in the Karnataka region and gets its name from the small town in Bagalkot district of the state. It is believed that the former ruler of Mudhol presented two puppies to King George V.

The Mudhol Hound is a very ancient breed that was predominant in the Deccan Plateau region. It is believed that this majestic breed is the descended of the Saluki and Tazi that were brought to India by the Pathans, Afghans, Arabs and Persians India through the Kyber Pass. They were mostly with the nomads and followed them in caravans from one place to the other.

The other thing that makes the sighthound different is the amazing sight that helps them to chase away rabbits and other small animals. All this is because of the position of their eyes.  These hounds have a long elongated skull with a tapering muzzle. This helps to have a 270-degree field of vision. This is almost twice of what you and I can see.

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Width: 10 3/4"  Height: 4 1/2"  Depth: 1"  Weight: 253 g

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