Taxco Spoon, Mazatlan Mexico, Alpaca Silver, Jade Tiki, Aztec Calendar

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Taxco Souvenir Spoon From Mazatlan Mexico, Alpaca Silver, Jade Tiki Handle, Aztec Calendar. 


Many of the best highly recommended jewellery stores in Mazatlan feature Mexican gemstones native to Mexico. Alpaca Silver refers to an alloy that imitates sterling silver. This bright silvery-grey metal alloy is made up of copper, zinc and nickel and sometimes iron.

Taxco is a small Mexican city within a municipality located in the north-central part of the state of Guerrero. The name was probably derived from the interpretation of two Aztec words: 'Tlachoo', a Nahuatl place which means "Place of the Ballgame", or from the word Tatzco which means "Where the Father of the Water Is", due to the high waterfall located near the town centre on Atatzin Mountain. Taxco is also well known for its mining of Silver alongside other metals, and for crafting them into jewellery and many other productions, such as this spoon featured on this page. Mining is no longer the primary part of its economy, but its reputation for silver craftsmanship, picturesque architecture, and scenic landscapes makes a good economic home for tourism. 

Item Code - KIT2B8292LAZ 

Length: 3 3/4"  Width: 7/8"  Depth: 1/4"  Weight: 11 g

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