Natural Hetian Jade, Hand Carved, Large and Small Phoenix Birds.

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These Stunning Natural Hetian Jade Birds Feature Perfectly Hand Carved Detail. Two Phoenixes, Small Perched Atop The Larger, Beautifully Exhibit The Craftsmanship Of Chinese Artisans. An Ideal Addition To Any Collection Or Home Decor.

Traditionally the Fenghuang was believed to appear when the legendary Yellow Emperor, who reigned over China during the times of the Zhou dynasty, found political prosperity and harmony. This is why the Chinese Phonenix is believed to symbolize virtue, harmony, ritual, compassion, trust, and especially, peace.

According to a 4th century BCE Chinese literature called Classic of Mountains and Seas, the head of the Fenghuang represents virtue, the wing symbolizes duty, the back symbolizes propriety, the abdomen stands for credibility, and the chest represents mercy.

Jade is in essence produced through the natural forces of rivers and mountains over eons. However, if it is not skillfully cut and polished, there is no way for the potential richness and luster that people prize, can be expressed. The Chinese have a saying that goes. "If jade is not properly cut, it cannot be made into a useful utensil." Cutting is an important step in the process of producing jade articles.

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Width: 3 1/8"  Height: 3 3/16"  Depth: 1 1/8"  Weight: 184 g

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