Thimble Die Cast In Pewter, Theme, Sandhill Crane Kneeling Woman, Frog

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Thimble, Die Cast In Pewter, Theme, Sandhill Crane wading Through water, a woman Kneeling and Reaching For a Frog.


Thimbles are small, protective caps worn on the finger while sewing to prevent needle pricks. They come in various materials, including pewter. Here are some interesting facts about pewter thimbles:

  1. Collectible Pewter Thimbles:

    • Designs: Pewter thimbles often feature intricate designs, making them collectible items.
    • Variety: You can find pewter thimbles with various motifs, such as animals, landmarks, and holiday themes.
    • Souvenirs: Some pewter thimbles serve as souvenirs from specific places or events, like cruise ships or tourist attractions.

Whether you’re a collector or simply appreciate the craftsmanship, pewter thimbles add charm to the world of sewing and needlework! 

Item Code - PEW11B21616HAEZ4B6

Width: 11/16"  Height: 11/16"  Depth: 11/16"  Weight: 13 g

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