Thimble Cast In Pewter, Theme, Woman, Group Of People, Birds Fly Above

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Thimble, Die Cast In Pewter, Theme, Woman Looking Up at Birds, Group Of People Looking Up While a Flock Of Birds Fly Above. 

Thimbles are small, protective caps worn on the finger while sewing to prevent needle pricks. They come in various materials, including pewter. Here are some interesting facts about pewter thimbles:

  1. Collectible Pewter Thimbles:

    • Designs: Pewter thimbles often feature intricate designs, making them collectible items.
    • Variety: You can find pewter thimbles with various motifs, such as animals, landmarks, and holiday themes.
    • Souvenirs: Some pewter thimbles serve as souvenirs from specific places or events, like cruise ships or tourist attractions.

Whether you’re a collector or simply appreciate the craftsmanship, pewter thimbles add charm to the world of sewing and needlework! 

Item Code - PEW11B21619HAEZ4B7

Width: 11/16"  Height: 1"  Depth: 11/16"  Weight: 16 g

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