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Vase, Soapstone Beautifully Detailed, Hand Carved, Chinese.

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Vase, Soapstone Beautifully Detailed, Hand Carved, Chinese.


Soapstone is a natural rock found in several places around the world. It was formed from igneous rock in ancient ocean rift zones when those areas experienced significant heat and pressure from mountain formation and tectonic movement. The talc mineral in soapstone gives it that soft, smooth feel. The finished surface of soapstone feels like a dry bar of soap (and that’s where it gets its name!).


Soapstone has a limited palette of colours. It comes in grey, bluish grey, green, and black, depending on the mineral content of that particular deposit. Some are darker or lighter with more or less veining, as you might expect in natural stone. Unlike granite, the colours in soapstone will darken or change appearance over a long period of time as the stone is exposed to oxygen. Soapstone can be oiled to produce a darker, richer look. This is different than mineral oil treatments and must be done during fabrication and prior to installation.

Artistic Grade Versus Architectural Grade  

Soapstone is quarried in two basic types, high talc (artistic) and low talc (architectural). If you’ve heard that soapstone is too soft for countertops, that myth comes from not distinguishing between the two types.

The artistic grade is better for carving and sculptures, but high quality architectural is what you want in your home. (Make sure to ask your fabricator about the grade of the soapstone you are purchasing.) In fact, soapstone is not only naturally antibacterial, but it is also naturally burned and stain resistant and requires very little maintenance. Most experts recommend that you do not seal soapstone since it is not as porous as granite.

Item Code - STO3E245CG

Width: 10 1/4"  Height: 13 3/8"  Depth: 6"  Weight: 3.629 kg

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