Queen Anne Hurricane Table Oil Lamp Font & Base Clear Glass 1880 - 90s

  • $69.99 CAD

Victorian, Queen Anne Hurricane Table Oil Lamp, Font Clear Glass Round In Shape, Base Also Clear Glass Round In Shape with a Diamond Relief Pattern. 1880s - 90s.


Light a hurricane lamp in your home and history illuminates your abode. Since prehistoric times, families have burned oil in vessels to hold off the darkness and lengthen the hours in which people can work and play. From the palaces of Ancient Rome to the humble little house on the prairie of pioneer days, oil lamps have an honored place in the human story and many modern Americans declare they wouldn’t live without them, despite our general dependence on electricity.

Item Code - CAN12C26AREA 

Width: 6 1/4"  Height: 19"  Depth: 6 1/4"  Weight: 1.348 kg

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