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12k Gold Filled Gruen Men's Dress Watch.

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12k Gold Filled Gruen Men's Dress Watch.

The Gruen Watch Company was one of the most prestigious and important American watch manufacturers that was founded by a brilliant father and son team, horologists Dietrich Gruen (born: 1847 in Osthofen, Germany) and Fred Gruen (born: 1872 in Columbus, Ohio). Their watches combined the traditional craftsmanship of German and Swiss watchmaking with innovative American technology, splitting its production between two continents. From the start Dietrich proved to be an innovator by patenting a safety pinion design to reduce internal damage from spring release, making smaller thinner pieces for better portability and comfort, and introducing the first stem-wind watches in America. In 1908 they were one of the first watch companies to introduce wristwatches for both males and females. Yet back then, men considered wristwatches to be effeminate and they initially became a commercial failure. However, they later rose to acceptance when they became commonly used by men during WW1 but were carefully renamed 'Strap Watches' instead. In a more streamlined sleeker design, Gruen released their most famous watch 'the Curvex' as curved and rectangular designs were increasing in popularity by 1935. 

Item Code - CLO12B439PVC

Width: 1 1/16" [case]  Height: 2 1/2" [worn length]

Weight: 42 g

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