Weston Cine Camera Light Exposure Meter, Model 819, By Weston Electric

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Weston Cine Camera Light Exposure Meter, Model 819, Made In 1937, By Weston Electric, Instrument Corporation, Newark, N.J U.S.A, Comes with a Carrying Case. 


This was the first meter marked up in units of 'Relative Brightness' - a simple linear numerical scale. The cine film emulsion speed is set on the dial and the camera type is dialed in. The pointer is set to the camera's framing rate. Was a significant innovation in light meter technology.

  1. Relative Brightness Scale: The Model 819 was the first meter to be marked in units of “Relative Brightness” using a simple linear numerical scale. This scale allowed photographers to assess light levels more intuitively.

  2. Cine Film Emulsion Speed: On the meter’s dial, you can set the cine film emulsion speed. This setting helped determine the appropriate exposure based on the specific film being used.

  3. Camera Type Adjustment: The meter also allowed you to dial in the camera type. Different cine cameras had varying exposure characteristics due to their unique shutter designs. By selecting the camera type, the meter adjusted for these differences.

  4. Framing Rate: The pointer on the meter was set to the camera’s framing rate (frames per second). This information, combined with the camera type, helped calculate the effective shutter speed per frame.

  5. Art Deco Design: The Model 819 retained the Art Deco aesthetic of the classic Weston Model 650. Its bakelite casing exuded elegance and functionality.

  6. Adaptation of Model 650: Physically, the Model 819 was an adaptation of the Model 650 Photronic Universal. However, it introduced the Relative Brightness scale specifically for cine applications.

  7. Emulsion Speeds and Calculator Series: The meter covered a range of emulsion speeds (from 1.5 to 48) and featured a calculator series from f/1 to f/22.

  8. Type A and Type B Camera Adjustment: It accommodated adjustments for both Type A and Type B cine cameras.

The Weston Model 819 Cine Meter was a Pioneering Tool That Simplified Exposure Calculations For Filmmakers, allowing Them To achieve accurate Results In Various Lighting Conditions.

Item Code - ELE8C56117HWA

Width: 2 3/8''  Height: 4 1/2''  Depth: 1 1/4''  Weight: 280 g

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