Weston Photronic Exposure Meter, Model 650, Made By Weston Electric.

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Weston Photronic Exposure Meter, Model 650, Made By Weston Electric, Instrument Corporation, Newark, N.J U.S.A In 1935, Comes with Leather Carrying Case. The Model 650 was One Of Weston's Earliest Photographic Exposure Meters and was Specifically Designed For Professional Photographers.


  • The Model 650 was an alternative design to the popular Model 617 type 2 meter.
  • Unlike the up-and-over arrangement of the 617, the 650 features a side-by-side arrangement of the meter and dial.
  • Its ergonomic design was an attempt to provide an alternative layout, but over time, the 617’s arrangement proved superior.
  • The Model 650 boasts iconic Art Deco styling, with a distinctive fan-shaped feature around the meter needle pivot.
  • This Art Deco influence is also seen in Weston’s direct reading exposure meter.
  • The Model 650, along with its Leicameter and Cine variants, is highly sought after by collectors due to its Art Deco aesthetics.
  • Its distinctive fan molding and truncated edges capture the essence of the 1930s Art Deco movement.

Item Code - ELE8C56116HWA

Width: 2 1/2''  Height: 4 5/8''  Depth: 1 1/2''  Weight: 278 g

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