Tips for Displaying Collections.

Your Love for Collecting is an Extension of your Personality and Should Reflect in your Home Decor.


However, not all of us are able to do justice to the wonderful pieces we collect. Often, the collected figurines and vintage items become an eyesore instead of bringing joy to the heart and you begin wondering if you should start cutting down on your favourite collecting hobby.


Well, you don't have to. You just need to find ways to Display your Stuff Creatively so that it looks like a Breathtaking Collection Instead of Household Clutter.

1. Confine your collections to one place or display them in several groups around the house. Grouping the objects makes them seem important and your guests will take notice of your collected pieces.

2. Decide upon the kind of platform that will be needed to display your collections. For smaller items like shells, stones and pebbles, a tray will be enough. For larger items like figurines and vintage mirrors, you will need shelves. Some items like vintage lace handkerchiefs and stamps can be mounted in frames and arranged on walls. Pretty buttons and vintage fabric swatches can be sewn on to fabric and then mounted.

3. It is not required that you display your entire collection at once. You can display only some of it and place the rest in cupboards and keep rotating the items for fresh displays every time.

4. When displaying your collections, try to make them as creative as possible. Group together some items of the same colour together and place them along with a contrasting colour. Do not use too many colours in one single place.

5. Displaying all collectibles at the eye level makes the display monotonous. Arrange the collectibles at varying heights by using tiered shelves or group items of different heights together. Make a large piece in the centre of attraction by placing it at eye level and then group several smaller items around it.

6. Many of us have more than one collections to boast of. If you are devoting an entire shelf or wall for displaying collections, make the best use of it by rotating different collections on it. Rotate mirrors with figurines on shelves and shadowboxes, vintage linen in frames with paintings on a wall or shells with pebbles on a tray.

This will ensure that you have a Fresh Display for your Guests Every Time and also Act as an Outlet for your Creativity.

By Lata Tokhi


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