Antique Kitchenware


The Kitchen exudes warmth, not just from the actual cooking, there's warmth because the kitchen is where we connect with family.

So much work is done in the Kitchen an inviting Kitchen has universal appeal. At the heart of the home, the Kitchen is where we get nourished physically but also emotionally.  Perhaps that is why there seems to be a rise in Antique Kitchenware adorning homes. Collecting Kitchenware may start from your personal interest in cooking or from a special piece you have inherited, like your grandmother's Rolling pin. 




For photos of Rolling Pin collections openly displayed, check out our Pinterest page under Kitchen.

Collections may include coffee grinders, serving utensils, vegetable peelers and so on. Antique scale, come in quite a variety. They come in different colours and styles but are relatively small and still serve a purpose. Cast Iron serving spoons hanging along with cabinets really seem to bring earthiness and homey feeling to any kitchen. 

Antique coffee pots or tea kettles can be found in styles that will complement any décor style from French provincial home to a linear art deco feeling deco style. The quality with which these items were made in the past, often means that you can have them for your collection but also for use. One way to start a kitchenware collection maybe with coffee tins or metal milk jugs.

A collection that highlights home cooking and entertaining even a little bit is wonderful. These activities bring people together and remind us of times gone by when treats were not always instantly available. These items remind us that a house is more than a roof over our heads. It's where we share a hot drink and make cookies and laugh, hopefully, a lot. 

Click here - For More Examples Of Kitchenware

Ann Boone 


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