Functional Pieces that add Character to your Home


More than a utilitarian purpose our homes are places we spend our downtime and extend hospitality. To build a space that is inviting and warm is a worthy goal. One way to accomplish this is by antiques that add character. An added benefit is when that item serves a function as well. 


Click Here - If You Would Like To See One Example Of a Vase


Some effortless ideas to add character include vases, bookends, or doorstops. For example, the juxtaposition of a tall Chinese vase in a modern room featuring metallic's creates interest and softens the overall effect. Vases vary in pattern and size, therefore, you will be able to find pieces that complement what you already have. Also, they can become a focal point when grouped on a mantle or table. The elegance of a well-chosen vase will not go unnoticed. 


Click here - If You Would Like To See One Example Of a Bookend.


Bookends are another functional antique that adds character to your home. In fact, when it comes to bookends or doorstops the variety is endless. Many antique bookends have animals as the subject matter. Pieces like that placed with cherished books can let your guests know more about what your interests are, places you've been, or family heritage.


Click Here - If You Would Like To See One Example Of a Door Stop.


Doorstops have been around as long as doors have needed to be kept open, around the time that hinges improved in the late 1700s. As with the bookends, Doorstops can be found in a subject matter that you are partial to. Also, some have a tall linear style that can draw the eye upwards toward an ornate door handle or compliment an architectural feature of your home.  

These are just three items that accent your home, create interest, and serve a function.  Keep them in mind, and hopefully, you will discover pieces that combine whimsy and beauty together. 

Ann Boone


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