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Personal space is important, no matter your marital status or how old you are. Man caves give us the freedom to express our true selves. Man caves give us the space to enjoy football with the guys, a relaxing game of pool or pure quietness to get extra work done. The benefits are endless.

This is your man cave and everyone who enters had better know it is yours. Hence, you must add as many personal touches as possible. Before you go off grabbing pictures of the kids, remember, this is your room to getaway. This is your area to shine a light on yourself. You don’t get many other opportunities, so now is your time to take it.

Man caves can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is built outside in the garage, behind a secret passageway beyond a bookcase or in the standard basement location, the man cave is your space. It is most likely the only room in the house where you have complete design control. If you have the means to do so, take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and make it unique.


The most important part of planning your Man Cave is to make lists of all of the things you want, a “wish list” of sorts. 

Start by working through this list and then fleshing it out while you shop around for the supplies you will need to make your man cave a reality. We as men need entertainment, food and of course a TV. That is not everything man caves need. Here is our list of some essential items, start creating that ultimate man cave.

One way to give character to a man cave is on your walls. By that we mean you can paint them a fun colour, cover them in stone or wood or decorate them with artwork, posters or collectibles. This textured wall and the earth tones give the space a warm and cosy feel.

If you have sports memorabilia hanging around your home, now is the time to please the wife and remove that poster in your dining room and put it where it belongs, in your man cave.

No true man cave is complete without at least one poster showcasing a real man movie. The first ones that come to mind include Scarface, The Godfather. By adding your personal touch, gives your guests a closer glimpse into the real you.

Decorate the walls however you like. For example, if you enjoy hunting as a hobby or sports, you can display trophies on one of the walls. Add some accent lighting to give the collection a dramatic look.

A vintage map can be a beautiful decoration in a lot of situations. So if you’re passionate about maps or if you travel a lot, display a map on one of the walls and document the places you’ve been to or simply let it become a decoration.

Every room has a focal point and, in the case of a bachelor pad or any other kind of man cave, sometimes it’s a bit more striking than a simple coffee table or wall painting. Actually, it can be something as awesome as a car.

Car-themed decors are pretty common and they don’t always have to include actual cars. Another option is to have something that was built from a car part like a desk for example.

The front grill of your favourite car or one that used to be in your old car can become a part of the décor. You can add it to the bar and turn it into a decoration and a centrepiece for that space.

Not everyone finds the same things fun or interesting. So if you’re not a fan of playing sports but you like being a spectator and a collector, this can be reflected in your man cave décor through things like a huge monitor to watch the games.

Furniture, that’s robust, simple, and that has straight lines and angles. Leave the soft curves and sleek lines to the ladies. It’s important for the furniture in a man cave to be comfortable.

Try however to find a balance between looks and comfort or functionality.

The furniture doesn’t only include bulky couches and big armchairs. It also includes smaller things like shelves. An interesting idea can be to build a shelving unit yourself using wood planks and pipes.

Use shelves to display your collections and memorabilia. This is a really simple way to personalize the space.

If you like beer, then you know how important it is for it to be cold. So why not have a kegerator? You can make one from an old refrigerator. It’s cheaper than to buy one and you can have fun doing the project.

Turn empty liquor bottles into table lamps. Sounds interesting, right? It’s actually pretty easy. You can fill the bottles with jelly beans, glass beads and pretty much anything you want as long as it fits inside.

Add any type of lampshade you want. It can match the label on the bottle or it can simply have an interesting colour or shape that you really like. The bottle can be filled with tiny pebbles or anything that makes it heavy enough to be stable.

Whiskey bottles can be reused in a lot of interesting ways. For example, turn one into a soap dispenser. You just have to screw the mechanism on and fill the bottle with liquid soap.

Beer or wine bottles can be recycled and turned into lamps or sconces, there’s a lot you can do to customize your light fixtures.

If you have a wrench or two you no longer use or if you simply want some really cool hangers for your man cave, you just need enough force to bend them and a drill.

Don’t overlook the smaller areas such as the bathroom, you can add a vintage ladder to use as a towel holder or a wooden crate decorated with an antique license plate which can serve as a cabinet.

The list can seem overwhelming, but you have to start somewhere, why not here.

We at Roadshow Collectibles, have all sorts of collecting ideas for your Man Cave, I hope they will spark that desire for you to start that man cave that most men can only dream of. 


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