Reasons to Wear Turquoise Stone Jewellery


Most of us would love to be able to bottle up the tropical ocean and carry it with us throughout the winter. Well, Turquoise Stone Jewelry can do just that for you.

A refreshing accessory during this monotone time of year. Just like the turquoise ocean itself, this stone can easily captivate you.

Another reason to wear Turquoise jewellery is that it compliments so many colours. It contrasts fabulously with bright colours like yellow or tangerine. This time of year turquoise can brighten an outfit made up of greys and denim. Although it is most often set in silver, a trend this year is to pair turquoise and copper.




If you want to add some Bohemian chic to your look, turquoise is the way to go. Turquoise is associated with free spirits. For example, turquoise jewellery was a staple for Jimi Hendrix. Also, Cher embodied Bohemian Chic in the 70s and often wore turquoise.

Turquoise jewellery makes a glamorous statement. Red carpets have seen some of the most glamorous women in the world wearing turquoise pieces. Usually, it's a simple black gown with a Turquoise statement necklace. Really turquoise jewellery is so versatile and yet so vibrant that it is a must for your wardrobe. More importantly, wear it this time of year and add an aquamarine vibe to your look and your outlook.

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Anna Boone


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