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Out with The New, In with The Old.

I say!  Yes, you heard me right. As the year draws to a close, many people think about fresh starts and new beginnings.  A revival of items from the past is in the air. An example of that I am currently interested in is Film photography. Film photography you say, "Is anyone using film cameras anymore, and if they are why?"




You may be surprised to hear that many are still using film or even returning to film for a few reasons. The film offers higher resolution as it has more equivalent pixels, depending on the quality of the optics and the type of film used. A film SLR camera produces better print quality, especially in larger formats. Also, cropped parts of images are crisper in film photography. Digital cameras tend to show unnatural highlights when overexposed, and film cameras are able to capture images with greater contrast, which adds great impact to your images. Additionally, if you store your negatives properly they will last much longer and you won't have to worry about compatibility problems or corruption. 

But the reason I would recommend a film camera is in one word, Skill. Using a film camera will give you more understanding of photographic techniques. Without the digital camera features that compensate for poor composition or lighting errors. You will learn that photography is about painting with light. And you will notice that photography can be an exciting artistic experience.

Maybe your "in with the old" endeavour will be using your grandmother's old singer sewing machine, studying the night sky with an old telescope or developing your own prints from Film.

But Whatever Next Years’ Hobby Maybe, Make Sure To Challenge Yourself. Let's Make 2017 Memorable and Don't Forget To Capture The Great Moments!

Click Here - To Take a Closer Look at Some Vintage Camera's

Ann Boone


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