Jewellery Box, Hand Carved Camel Bone, Inlaid Brass Design & Hinge.

  • $49.99 CAD

Jewellery Or Trinket Box, Made In The Middle East, Hand Carved Camel Bone, Inlaid Brass Design, Brass Hinge On The Outside.


Sculpting with camel bones is a handicraft that has been practised in Upper Egypt for thousands of years, since the Pharaonic era, but the trade is fast disappearing.

The reason for the disappearance of this ancient art is economics. The camel bones are getting more expensive after the international trade of ivory was banned, as camel bones have become a popular substitute. Like ivory, the bones are rigid and retain their whiteness for thousands of years.

Camel's bones are used in sculptures, which Europeans and Russians tend to buy, and necklaces and rosaries, favoured by tourists from Gulf and Arab countries.

Item Code - JEW6C54OAC

Width: 3"  Height: 3"  Depth: 2 3/4"  Weight: 122 g

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