Shaving Cup & Shaving Brush, Porcelain, Hand Painted, Made In Germany.

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Shaving Cup & Shaving Brush, Porcelain, Hand Painted Floral Design, Made In Germany By C.T Altwasser Silesia.


Carl Tielsch founded the Altwasser factory in 1845. It swiftly became second-largest porcelain factory in Silesia. After twenty years the factory employed 1,400 employees. Products of the Tielsch factory quickly became known for its high quality and artistic values. Their quality was compared to porcelain manufactures from Berlin or even Meissen.

Item Code - STR7C68C5REA

Cup - Width: 3 1/2"  Height: 3 3/8"  Depth: 4 1/2"  

Brush - Width: 1 3/8"  Height: 3 5/8"  Depth: 1 3/8"  Total Weight: 272 g 

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